Waseca Art Center Adds Additional Scholarship

“The past year has been utterly unpredictable: we’ve cancelled, postponed, virtualized, closed, reopened, and waited… waited for signs of the life we once had to return, but we also need to highlight how the past year has affected us, and for some - forever altering ones future” Andrew Breck, Artistic Director of the Waseca Art Center, says.


While holding his breath he’ll tell you that, “we’ve been very, very fortunate.” The nonprofit community art center qualified for a PPP loan, grantors updated their award criteria allowing us to shift resources toward operation expenses rather than going all toward art programming, and most of all, “our members have graciously increased their membership contributions.” The nonprofit made adjustments to their operating hours which therefore reduced weekly staff hours - all factors resulting in a surplus to their 2020 fiscal year. 


“We are integrated into the community and right now we know students are also having a really tough time coping with our altered reality. It was a natural choice to give back to students.” The Waseca Arts Council recently voted to add a second $500 scholarship for students living in Waseca County - a scholarship the organization has been offering since 1996. 


“It’s our mission to give people opportunities to experience art, and that goes well beyond hanging paintings in a gallery. It includes encouraging people of all ages to experience varying aspects of creativity, encouraging people to be the best version of themselves, and to expose younger people to future career opportunities in art related fields and building relationships so those individuals return to our community.” 


Unfortunately, Andrew has already seen devastating consequences from the past year. “We’ve seen promising students, who were struggling before the pandemic, become even more overwhelmed and drop out of high school. It’s heartbreaking for everyone.” The Waseca Art Council is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. “It doesn’t feel appropriate to celebrate, it only feels appropriate to continue giving back and to support the artistic community that has supported us for so many years.” 


The Waseca Art Center encourages any student in Waseca County to apply for one of the two $500 scholarships being offered this year. 


To be considered, meet the following criteria and email your portfolio, video or audio files showcasing your talent along with a completed application to info@wasecaartscouncil.org. Applications due by Thursday, March 25th. Breck says, “we realize this money isn’t going to change everything, but we’re hoping that a little encouragement for a couple of talented individuals each year will add up to immeasurable dividends for generations to come.”

Awarded to a qualified student, living in Waseca County, who is a graduating senior from J.W.P., N.R.H.E.G., Waseca or other accredited school; who plans to major in an Art related area (Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Photography, etc.), Architecture, Music, Theater, Design, Literature/Poetry) for the purpose of attaining a career in that field of the Arts. There is no GPA or financial need requirement. All applicants must be accepted at an accredited college to attain a four-year education for the purpose of attaining a degree. A portfolio, video, or audio file must be submitted for review with each scholarship application (download available at www.wasecaartcenter.org)  Finalists will be invited for a personal interview with the selection committee. These awards may be withheld if a suitable candidate is not identified.